What is Chiropractic?

Various manual methods

Chiropractic treatment consists of several manual methods which are combined in different ways. Manual methods means that the chiropractor uses his hands in treatment.

In addition to relieving pain chiropractor trying to find the cause of the symptoms you have. For example, a stressful work situation or an incorrect posture can cause tension and pain from muscles and joints. Therefore, an important part of treatment also includes individual training and advice on posture and posture.

What are the symptoms that can be treated?

One can get chiropractic treatment if, for example, they have tension and pain in the neck and shoulders, stiff and tense muscles, stiff neck or back pain caused by muscles and joints not working as they should. Sometimes you can get treatment for other conditions, such as sports injuries, migraines, dizziness, numbness and radiating pain in the arms and legs.

Important with approved training

Chiropractic is known as a protected professional title. This means that only those who have become certified are allowed to call themselves chiropractor.

If you want to find out if a chiropractor is licensed so you can make contact with the National Board, the US Chiropractor Chiropractic College or National Organization.