Running, benefits of running for body and mind

The running is one of the healthiest sports and simple that can be practiced and that is more fashionable lately, especially among women. It can be carried out alone or in company and hardly needs expenses in material, only sports clothes and some slippers suitable for running. Noteworthy in this last point that the crisis has prompted extreme exercise outside the gym and jogging sports fashion has been more tug since 2014.

Among the physical benefits provided by the running include weight loss and increased physical endurance. However, it is worthwhile to practice this sport because of the benefits it brings to the mind. Then we discuss the main benefits of the said running by personal trainers.

The benefits of running

  • Reduces the risk of disease. If you practice running regularly, the risk of type II diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension or obesity is much lower than that of sedentary people.
  • Delays old age. Running reduces the physical and psychological decline by up to 50%. Published clinical studies comparing evolution and life expectancy, one of runners and another that did not perform physical activity, confirm this.
  • Improve the cardiorespiratory system. Although starting to run seems that it is not going to be able to repeat itself, the fact is that, little by little, the body adapts and it acquires resistance.
  • Strengthens bones. Experts recommend that you carry out impact exercises to prevent osteoporosis and other bone ailments. Running is a good method, as it improves and increases bone density.
  • Help to get a positive body image and therefore has a positive effect on self – esteem.
  • Eliminates stress. The great benefit of the race may be the discharge of energy and the elimination of accumulated pressures and stresses. If this type of tension is reduced, we will be away from contracting other diseases.
  • Promotes relaxation. The more active the day, the more tired you feel when you get into bed. That is why when it is time to go to sleep; it is much easier to fall asleep.
  • Strengthen your mind. Running long journeys near the threshold of fatigue helps to strengthen your mind, power your determination and improve your discipline.