Running, benefits of running for body and mind

The running is one of the healthiest sports and simple that can be practiced and that is more fashionable lately, especially among women. It can be carried out alone or in company and hardly needs expenses in material, only sports clothes and some slippers suitable for running. Noteworthy in this last point that the crisis… Continue Reading

Physical exercise with personal trainer helps reduce depression

The exercise is a necessary activity in day by day the many benefits it presents. In this sense, doing it with a personal trainer can be even much more advantageous. The personal trainer is not only responsible to give you a roadmap to achieve specific objectives. His work goes much further than that and today… Continue Reading

Muscle Stretching: More than Important

Stretching is a fundamental technique, which, in addition to improve your mobility and your flexibility, prepares the muscles for the practice of any sport; of course, one of the fundamental aspects of stretching is the decreased risk of injury. Stretching is a part of the warm-up because it prepares the body for the effort of… Continue Reading