Physical exercise with personal trainer helps reduce depression

The exercise is a necessary activity in day by day the many benefits it presents. In this sense, doing it with a personal trainer can be even much more advantageous. The personal trainer is not only responsible to give you a roadmap to achieve specific objectives. His work goes much further than that and today in this post we explain it.

Recently, a study showed that physical exercise with personal trainer helps reduce symptoms of depression and promotes greater adherence to sport.

What has the project consisted of?

Already known that even moderate physical activity, and low doses, reduces depressive symptoms, however, the project wanted to see the impact that the exercise it was guided by a coach trained in strategies, a training program that is based on: tasks to be performed, coaching authority, recognition of participants, groupings in sessions, activity evaluation, and learning pace.

The project involved 106 people aged participated between 18 and 30 years who were divided into four groups: members of one group performing exercise physical guided by a coach, other performing strenuous exercise without a coach, the third group did moderate exercise also without a coach, and was a fourth exercise placebo control group.

These activities were carried out over a period of eight weeks, and researchers found that 59% of participants in the trainer-led group had a reduction in their depressive symptoms, compared to 25% of those who had intense exercise on its own, 19% of those whose physical activity was moderate, and only 3.84% of the control group.

Does it help you to do physical exercise with a personal trainer?

It is true that the main mission of a personal trainer is to achieve the goals you reach, always ambitious but achievable, you have marked. However, your job is not only to give you a work plan to achieve such goals, but goes further than that. Your personal trainer should have the ability to motivate, encourage your efforts, create friendly ties and make notes how has improved compared to your initial state. That is one of the main results that the study cited above has reached.

Direct research also adds that not only to prescribe exercise, but the way it is done also determines their results , and have found that if physical activity is led by a coach well trained, Increase the likelihood of depressive symptoms decreasing. In addition, the study showed that six months after the intervention the group that had performed coach-led exercise was the one that had achieved a greater reduction of these symptoms.